Common Issues

Common Issues that Counselling helps

You can bring any issue to counselling. The full list of issues that we deal with is a very long one, but some common issues               include:

  • Repeated unhelpful patterns: Having the same argument or choosing the same sort of partner? Or just being stuck                        in a cycle of depression or poor life choices.

  • Lack of control: Feeling powerlessness, paralised by fear or obsessional thoughts, or a poor work/life balance,                               or just a feeling of being stuck.

  • Being your worst enemy: Making poor choices or procrastinating about change, or self-sabotaging yourself.

  • Overcoming irrational fears: Just can't stop the thoughts and fears running round and round in your head.

  • Relationship difficulties: Can't find the right partner, grown apart or struggling to stay together.

  • Self-Critical: Feeling negative about yourself, or finding yourself take actions that self-sabotage your best efforts,                          low confidence.

  • Depression: Low mood, habitual sadness, unable to motivate yourself.

  • Anger: Unable to contain your angry feelings, or unable to ever voice your anger.

  • Sex: Problems of impotence, lacking in intimacy, suffering from compulsions or addictions, or mismatched desire, and               issues with sexual identity.

  • Trauma: Struggling to comes to terms with a traumatic event in your life.

  • Shame: Preoccupation with feelings of guilt or shame.

  • Anxiety: Stress, tension, agitation, and panic attacks.

  • Obsessive Thoughts or Compulsive Behaviours: Feeling trapped or controlled by thoughts or behaviours that are                unwelcome, disturbing or distressing.