Psychosexual Therapy

  • Psychosexual Therapy is a specialist area of Pyschotherapy/Counselling for individuals and couples (regardless of sexual orientation). It is used to work with sexual difficulties.
  • There are many sexual problems that may arise (see opposite) during the normal course of life.   There are a number of ways to work with these, the first being to identify if this is a medical condition or if  it's origins are emotionally or psychologically based. 
  • I will, if appropriate and agreed, propose a treatment plan for problems which have a psychological or emotional basis, based on an individual's or couple's specific needs. I will establish whether clients need to self refer to their GP or another specialist for medical advice. There are no physical examinations in the sessions, if this is required it will need to take place with a GP. 
  • I encourage clients to set their own goals, depending on what they wish to achieve. If the issues are related to a current relationship it is  more useful for both parties to attend the sessions. However, certain issues do also affect individuals e.g. Concerns around sexual identity, body issues, past sexual trauma impacting moving forward into sexual relationships.
  • The therapy will involve discussing problems in a therapeutic way, making sense of what is going on and the possible setting of homework/play tasks between sessions. Any invited tasks will be discussed and agreed, you do not have to do anything you do not want to.
  • Homework or homeplay is an opportunity to create time outside the sessions to finesse your understanding of your sexual self at a mind, body, brain, emotional, spiritual and psychological level. I often use cognitive behavioural exercises and simple reflective and self care work.

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  • Loss of desire or enjoyment


  • Difference of opinion in sexual preferences
  • Earlier sexual abuse or trauma
  • Affairs
  • Maintaining an erection
  • Rapid Ejaculation
  • Retarded Ejaculation
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm (Anorgasmia)
  • Pain during intercourse (Vaginismus)
  • Sexual compulsive behaviour and /or Addiction

  • Trauma from sexual violence 

  •  Difficulties in discussing sensitive issues