"No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this we become free."


We all at times feel challenged by aspects of life.

Relationships,Family problems, Difficulties at Work or Home, Extreme anxiety and/or Lack of Confidence, Sexual problems, Past Trauma, problems with Alcohol or Drugs, feelings of Extreme Anger, Panic, Sadness and/or Depression, or other common issues.

Psychotherapy and Counselling offers an opportunity to explore personal issues in a safe, professional and confidential space.

It can often feel difficult to bring up and discuss sensitive issues with family or friends; however working with someone neutral who can listen and dialogue with you from a fresh and objective viewpoint, free from judgement, and from a place of empathy and warmth can help make a difference.

Entering into therapy can be challenging, therefore it is my commitment to support you to get the results that you want to achieve in your life. I work either time limited or on an open ended basis.