Personal Counselling

How can counselling help?

In talking to a counsellor, you will find someone who can:

  • Listen and give you a safe space to be heard, without judgement. Talking to a counsellor is not like talking to a friend or family member, although this can also be useful, in my experience, (however, not if family members have been perpetrators of any form of abuse towards you). It is often very helpful to have a neutral position, which allows me to see you from a clear, objective and autonomous viewpoint, while respecting and supporting your view of your self. All information spoken about in the session will remain strictly confidential.

  • Help you to shift unhealthy patterns: even if you feel very stuck, or it feels very difficult.  I believe that our work together can support you to make healthy and empowered choices that will serve you to a higher and more desirable degree of well-being.

  • Reduce distressing symptoms: Often people come quite late to counselling, having tried to cope by themselves. The act of seeking support can be an unburdening for some people in itself. 


  • Help you explore your Blind spots: We all have assumptions, expectations and beliefs about how the world is. It is important to know what the origins of these are and bring them into light, as it is equally important to discover what's in the shadows. Trauma in childhood and the pain of it can be too much to bear. Often the brain, very cleverly, will protect the individual by seemingly disappearing vital parts of the actual trauma, and keeping them stored temporarily until it feels safe enough to look at the experience and begin the recovery process with a supportive therapist. This may then begin to clarify what may be holding you back, and where you are living from.
  • Help you examine your Process: The content of your life, the things that have happened to you,are very important. Lots of different things happen to us over our lifetime. But the process of your life and how you deal with it is even more important.  I can help you uncover this and understand how these actions inform your decisions and life today. I can support you to understand your process, through our interaction in the therapeutic relationship. This can re-balance your range of options, empowering you to create consciously and choose a more fulfilling life.
  • Taken altogether: and with your motivation to change, this creates a very powerful environment in which we can work together to understand better and to help you to feel  empowered, safe and satisfied in your life.
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