• Relationship Counselling/Therapy, is designed to help people with their relationships. This might be to work through difficulties in current relationships regarding intimacy; to explore joint or individual sexual issues, or the effects of past relationships, to look at how to improve and enrich your current relationship for the future, or to work on separating in a healthy and respectful way, particularly when there are children involved. 


  • You can come for Relationship Counselling on your own or with your partner; whatever you decide, you will be offered a safe space and time to explore your concerns and difficulties.


  • It can be a difficult and confronting decision to enter into couples therapy. By working in an integrated way, I'm able to tailor the work to best suit the individuals style of learning and being. Supporting them to engage fully in the process.
  • It is important to note that sometimes, one partner does not want to engage with therapy, or only enters therapy under pressure, this is often the case. In these circumstances, it can still be very useful to enter into personal therapy for oneself. 
  • Often by examining your part in the relationship, you may start to understand some of the patterns and behaviors that could cause problems for you and your partner.

I take an Holistic approach to relational and sexual health, helping the couple to explore all areas of the self i.e. mind, body, brain, emotions and heart and spirit, which can support in creating authentic, loving, wholesome, intimate and differentiated unions.


If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation, please contact me here.